Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mexico City re-cap... and now - Kalgoorlie + Coolgardie!

Hello from luscious Kalgoorlie! Our 1st week here's nearly up, and I'm happy to say the flies aren't nearly as bad as I'd thought...
To re-cap the last part of Mexico City outreach.....

Our last Saturday church sesh at Bellas Artes was incredible. In case I forgot to mention it previously, our team held informal 'church' sessions in a large park. We offered free art and English, with a Bible study afterwards. So the last Saturday we had in Mexico saw 9 people come to Jesus.
The last public painting we did in the Zocalo brought another 10 people into the Kingdom.

God gave us an exciting surprise on our last night in Mexico City – at our farewell 'do, Uni student and his sister gave their lives to God, after being witnesses to the whole 7 weeks the AES was in Mex. :)

So after a 2 day break to get over jetlag, the Transformation School and my team have joined forces for the last 3 weeks of outreach in regional W.A.

The 2 teams had a jolly 10+hour drive from Perth to Kalgoorlie, a country town north of Perth.
Our mission here is to serve and minister to the Aboriginals.
The ghost town of yester-year gold rushes, Coolgardie, is a half hour drive from our cabins in Kalgoorlie. On weekends we hold 'fun days' at the local recreation centre for the Aboriginal youth and kiddies; which include games and sports – most of the kids are crazy for basketball – and they're not shabby at the game, either!

We do BBQ's for the youth, then in the evenings the TS and AES hold a short service – great opportunities to goof off in testimonies and skits. After my staff Alex preached and gave an alter call last night, I think 6 kids came up.
I led 2 11-12 yr olds to Jesus – it was the coolest feeling! :)

During the week us YWAMer's are serving the schools – I'm looking forward to imparting practical truths to primary and highschool students. This will be my 1st time ministering to school kids – I'm praying all will go well! :)

We have plans to hold small groups for indigenous adults and parents of school kids. There's been a few suicides in this area recently, so the community's kind of closed of and hurting while they process these tragedies. But God wants healing transformation! And if He brought us here, you can be sure His plans have a good chance. :)

After 2 weeks here in Kalgoorlie, our combined teams will travel to Esperance, down south past Perth. Not quite sure what ministry plans are for Esperance atm.
Thanks for your prayers – Mexico City exceeded my expectations, and God answered many prayers in random ways. The Mexicans we met were just beautiful and I could see God's got many redeeming plans in place for that incredibly diverse nation. The Mexican churches have caught God's vision for good changes in their country, and they have a new passion to evangelise their own country.

I'm excited now to be back in Australia; excited to be investing into my own country. I've never worked with Aboriginals, but I've asked God for His heart for them, and He's done exactly that.
God has blessed the Australian Aborigines with particular gifts and traits; which I can see there are positive ways to direct those gifts. I'm praying for more wisdom in encouraging the youth to use their gifts and abilities positively for their future.
Love + blessings,

xx Cody xx

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  1. That is so great!!!the things that God are doing in your country sounds incredable, keep going..Blessings from Mexico.

    Say hello to the team :)