Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zocalo Antics.

An Aztec dancer 'blesses' a tourist with smoke
Things are heating up in the Art Evangelist's Zocalo ministry!! Some fast facts for today -

*Our team does public Bible reading - my team mate Marsha reads pretty loudly, and a group of Mexican police walked up to her...she kept going till God said, "ask them if they want their portrait sketched" so she did, and before you know it - police were crowding around her, wanting their faces captured on her sketch book. Marsh got to evangelise Catholic Mexican cops :)

*Alex, Jancia and I met up with a Mexican pastor who's been incredibly helpful with YWAM teams for Megacities today. His name's Pastor Eduardo, and after hearing I was Australia, told me in broken English that he saw on the news Australia's experienced bad flooding. He then said his church had prayed for us. 
I'm so used to praying for other countries - so to hear this man I'd known for 10 mins say he and his church cared enough about Australia to pray for QLD's flooding, totally blew me away!

*My staff Lynnea led the way this morning through a black market. Coming out the other side, we had a mini worship sesh in front of stall holders, and prayed for God's protection for the people in this dodgy area. From feeling fear and intimidation at the start, we felt God move incredibly and were filled with His confidence by the time we left. 

*God provided a translator for me, just at the right time to pray for a Mexican girl. My Spanish is practically non-existent, so I'm leaning on God quite a lot in these situations!

*There are lots of Aztec dancers in the Zocalo, and the last AES team here experienced some conflict with them...as the team's Bible reading 'disrupted the spirits'. We got talking, and my staff Lynnea asked them if he'd mind if our school did art next to them. The dancer said it was ok. !!

God is moving in the randomest ways. And it's incredible to be here, to see how God wants us to love and serve the Mexicans. 

Adios mon amigos! 
The Zocalo!!

Marsh sketched these policemen's portraits. :)


  1. In relation to our earlier conversation, i love what you've got going on here. The stories themselves are great and dynamic - the things you choose to share are wonderful. I think you should just keep being yourself and let God work through that...

  2. thanks darl! I like hearing that...sorry I've been slack with communication :( I love and miss you! And appreciate your feedback. xxx