Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Janica & Chris checking out the National Art Gallery of Mexico City.

After prayer walk, we found the Mona Lisa chalked on the pavement!
Day 4 of January - next week it'll be Christmas again! :)

I've been here in Mexico City 4 or 5 days, it's hard to keep track as the days all run in together.
Since the day I got here, it's been on the go go. Our days look like: 8am morning chores, 8:30 devotional by one of the team, then it's off to the city for ministry - which looks like prayer walking, to cover the areas we'll be doing ministry in, one-on-one evangelism. Last week my staff have been  organising previously made Mexican contacts who will translate for us when we perform skits and publicly tell the Mexicans why we're here in their city, and how Jesus wants a relationship with them, not religiosity. 
We've found sketching portraits are always a winner! Mexicans just love sitting down having their portraits done.
It's honestly been a bit of a culture shock for me being here in Mexico; I'm not used to being started at constantly (I'm told red hair is liked a lot here!) and I'm very white as is another Finnish team member.
It's a very funny experience! :)

But the Mexicans are some of the most hospitable people you'll ever meet - they're so happy to share what they have with you. 
When I catch a Mexican staring at me, probably wondering what I'm doing in their city, I say "Hola" and the Mexican face breaks into a shy, warm smile, as they "Hola!" back to you.

Mexico City is bright with colour, clashing noises and people, people, people everywhere! Mexican food fumigates your sense...and the street food is crazy cheap. We can't eat the fresh food without disinfecting it first, though.

Families reign supreme here - babies are adored, and you don't leave home till you're married. 

Black market wares are sold on the street everywhere you see, even some places in the heart of the city. Many Aztec items are available near the Zocalo, and have been 'blessed' before selling - jewelry, clothing, etc - but we've been warned by YWAM staff not to buy from the black market vendors (on outreach) as previous teams have, then suffered from horrific nightmares and sicknesses afterwards. It doesn't bother me though, as I'm not here as a tourist. :)

Yesterday was our day off - so 3 of my team walked from our warehouse accommodation in Tepito into the city centre, and passing through the Zocalo, my Finnish team mate Janica said out of the blue, "Oh, I love Jesus too! We love Jesus too!" 
Totally thought she was being funny, stating the obvious, when I turned around and nearly bumped into a Spanish lady who was looking doubtfully at Janica, who was waving excitedly at her. The Mexican Mum had a cap that said, "I love Jesus".
Turns out the lady was a Christian who was out for the day with her family - we had the amazing privilege to meet her family, take photos and exchange contacts.
It was my first meeting with a Mexican Christian family - we came away incredibly encouraged and stoked!

Much love to all! I miss you and am incredibly thankful for your prayers. It goes both ways though - if you have a prayer request, I'd love to pray for you!
God bless!


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