Friday, October 29, 2010

What can't you do with drawing? =D

Another late blog....:o/ I promise one day in the future I'll change! :)
It's week 4, and we said 'goodbye' to the lovely and talented Karen Chamalian from the Kona YWAM base in Hawaii. She taught us for 5 days on illustration skills while interweaving spiritual truths. Our class listened amazed at this tiny, sweet cute but powerful woman of God as she encouraged our drawings and hit us with God's opinions of art.

I found out how you respond to your art is synonymous with how you respond to life in general - in frustration or patience. 

Something Karen said yesterday really grabbed my mind...

"You can only love God as much as you love yourself. Live as though you're loved OUTRAGEOUSLY - because you are! You need to know how much you're loved by God, so you can pass it along to others."

Tomorrow, our school of 7 students - Chris from Alaska, Corrie from New York, Me from Tassie, Marsha from W.A., Janica from Finland, Laura from China and Hea Ji from Korea - are hopping in a bus to drive for 3 hours to Busselton, a southern seaside town, to experiment with oil paints... I have no idea how I'll go!! But I'm gonna have messy fun :)

Found something in my notes I just love, so I'm gonna share it here...
"The unique worth of God is worthy of pursuit, since there's no being of infinite value that deserves our reverence and devotion like God. No other relationship should even come close to the relationship we have with God."
- Pete Brownhill. 

Have the best weekend! :)

Love Cody x

in class with the lovely Finnish Janica :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back for the 2nd round.

After a quick break of 1 and 1/2 weeks back home in Tasmania, Australia, I'm back in Perth, Western Australia for a 2nd level school - the Art Evangelist's School. 

It's a surprise to many people - that I'm studying art for God. But I've always loved art, as a kid - but the love's been lost along life's journey, so to speak. 
God's reviving this part of my life, whilst teaching me how to share His love through visual art. 
Only in week 2 so far, but God's been busy showing my class more truths about His character. 

I really don't know what else to say right now....but though it's early days, I can see already God's got great plans for this school. =)

Be back as things develop.....


Cody :)