Thursday, December 2, 2010

one thursday night...

So, my Perth YWAM family had our weekly Thurs night evangelism tonight...and it was fun!
I knocked on doors with Carols By Candlelight invites with attached candy canes, and had a blast with my Tassie friend Josh who's over with my bestie Sara for a short visit.

My class did no art tonight, just lots of praying and letting the locals know about the Christmas event next week.

My fave part of the night was, however, walking past a young, attractive lady dressed in what I guess you could call 'exercise' clothes, sitting on the grass in the park. I was about to pass her, when God spoke up - "Go and talk to her."

I was like, "But God, I've run out of invites, and I don't think she'd be interested in coming to carols, anyway!"

God was silent. I knew He meant it, and He always has good reasons for being random, so I sheepishly walked over and invited this lovely lass to carols. She didn't quite know how to take me, but that was ok - I'd done what I was asked to do, and then I was gone.

However this girl kept coming to my mind...and I started to feel God's compassion and crazy, pure love for this daughter of His that He created.
Not long after, God said again - "Go and talk to her".

But now I really had nothing to say to her! But I knew God wanted her to know His heart for her, so once again, I suck up my pride and walk up to her.

She was surprised to see me, but I told her outright I was a Christian, and that God wanted her to know He loves her like crazy. After more words, she allowed me to pray for her - that God would meet her, and she'd know His realness and love in her life.
She told me her name's 'Katherine', and she's a worker in the adult entertainment industy.
Katherine cried as the Holy Spirit stirred in her heart - I'm praying He brings freedom and wholeness to Katherine's life.

Like you, she's adored by God! :)

Have a great Friday!
God bless,

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