Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anticipating the next part.

Christmas '10 at YWAM Perth base. My head's apparently on the menu. :op
So, Christmas is over - so is Boxing Day - and today YWAM Perth got cleaned by the whole base - from the property and staff houses, to the smallest toilet and crummiest corner. Of which there is none, now. :o)

Over 8 hours cleaning in 35+ degree heat can take it out of you; but thank you Jesus for Cherry Ripes and Rockstars that replenish vital nutrition.  

The exciting part is that, God willing and plane prices staying the same from last week, I can fly out tomorrow to Dubai, L.A. then onto Mexico City for outreach!

All my team bar 3 of us are already on their way - they flew out 6am from Perth this morning. I have 2 team mates that still need the remainder of their outreach fees in by 9am tomorrow (Perth time) - if anyone feels they wanna help - please let me know! 

'The Zocalo' in Mex City - the city's centre, and the place of our evangelism and art.
So, as of now, my AES team is kinda in limbo...me having the $$ now for outreach but not being able to buy tiks till the travel agent's open, and 2 other students who need their fees in by tomorrow - otherwise it's back to Korea and the States for them. 
We don't know how this will play out - God alone knows the answers and has His loving plans for us, but it's up to us to trust His heart is always for us, not against us. 
One thing that's been driven hard into my heart by various experiences on the AES school is that: 

God is good, and unchangeably so. 

Thanks to you all who are loving on me, supporting and wanting to be involved in this journey. 

More news to come.....


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