Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Undivided Heart....

        This week we have the topic, 'Heart Purity of the Artist'. 

The talented Ben McClure's has vast experience in using media for the gospel, and we listened in varying levels of personal comfort as he explained that in every Christian's life, God is looking at the heart FIRST...our motives for thinking and acting the way we do.

So I'll take the liberty of penning some points that stuck out to me. :)

* When there's sin (hidden or not) in our hearts, and God lets us know about it, and we refuse to deal with it, eventually we'll pay for it in losing our standing with Him, our influence, etc. 

* God allows us to be tested so He can reveal everything that's going on in there (can be scary at times! :)), because the battle in a Christian's life is won or lost in the heart.

* A pure heart is an undivided heart. It's whole, complete - and not going in 2 directions. 

* Lack of loyalty to God brings confusion - but the fear (reverence) of the Lord brings freedom and removes confusion! :)

* We can think, "what's the least I can do for God, and still be right with Him?" This attitude makes us resentful towards God when He asks from us more than what we think we can give. Jesus shed His blood for us so we can have freedom and live with Him! Therefore, He's entitled to every particle of us, and has a legit claim on our lives.

'A Divided Heart'...

Tries to adore God + ungodly pleasure

Worships God + self

Fears God + man

Seeks God + comfort

Finds validation in God + others

Hungers & thirst for God + for selfish pleasures

Yeilds to God + temptation

Looks to God + circimstances

So there's always a tug-o-war in a heart that's divided and not totally trusting in God. 
Hmmm.... I have a feeling this week's gonna be interesting and tough, but so worth it at the end when heart issues are uncovered and dealt with. 
More on that later. :)

Have the best Monday! 

Love Cody xx

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