Sunday, November 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to you! xx

hi people :)

How are you? I'm sure coming up to Chrissie if you anything like me you're trying to focus on the 'real' meaning of the season, and trying your best to defy the overwhelming feeling of organising Chrissie cards, presents, food etc! But God's good no matter what, & I love the fact this month of Dec gives me an excuse to let loved ones know they're amazing to me. :)

So, a quick update...
well, it's like till 27th Dec then off to Mexico City!
*scared/excited 'woo'!*
I have a deadline of 2 weeks to see $5,000 come in to complete my outreach expenses...and God's going to be faithful in supplying it, like He was with the funds I needed for DTS last April! :)
Starting a new week today made me realise how little time there is till Christmas, outreach, etc...and before I knew it, most of my mental energy had vaporated from thinking about tasks and deadlines ahead of me. BUT - after flicking open the Word, God made this verse jump out at me:
"Don’t you know that those who serve in the temple get their food from the temple, and that those who serve at the altar share in what is offered on the altar? 14 In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel."
1 Corinthians 9:13-14.

God was saying to me that I shouldn't worry He's not going to forget to provide the scary amount of $5,000; because I'm doing His work. So therefore He'll provide my salary; in His ways and His timing.
Sweet! Our God is good and never neglects us! =)

I trust you all are enjoying the time leading up to holidays and hang-time with loved ones; personally I'm looking forward to my first YWAM base Chrissie.

So, friends and supporters, please be encouraged and know your heavenly Dad's got you and your situation on His mind - you're never forgotten!
Pretty sweet, hey!

God bless!!

love, Cody xx

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Undivided Heart....

        This week we have the topic, 'Heart Purity of the Artist'. 

The talented Ben McClure's has vast experience in using media for the gospel, and we listened in varying levels of personal comfort as he explained that in every Christian's life, God is looking at the heart FIRST...our motives for thinking and acting the way we do.

So I'll take the liberty of penning some points that stuck out to me. :)

* When there's sin (hidden or not) in our hearts, and God lets us know about it, and we refuse to deal with it, eventually we'll pay for it in losing our standing with Him, our influence, etc. 

* God allows us to be tested so He can reveal everything that's going on in there (can be scary at times! :)), because the battle in a Christian's life is won or lost in the heart.

* A pure heart is an undivided heart. It's whole, complete - and not going in 2 directions. 

* Lack of loyalty to God brings confusion - but the fear (reverence) of the Lord brings freedom and removes confusion! :)

* We can think, "what's the least I can do for God, and still be right with Him?" This attitude makes us resentful towards God when He asks from us more than what we think we can give. Jesus shed His blood for us so we can have freedom and live with Him! Therefore, He's entitled to every particle of us, and has a legit claim on our lives.

'A Divided Heart'...

Tries to adore God + ungodly pleasure

Worships God + self

Fears God + man

Seeks God + comfort

Finds validation in God + others

Hungers & thirst for God + for selfish pleasures

Yeilds to God + temptation

Looks to God + circimstances

So there's always a tug-o-war in a heart that's divided and not totally trusting in God. 
Hmmm.... I have a feeling this week's gonna be interesting and tough, but so worth it at the end when heart issues are uncovered and dealt with. 
More on that later. :)

Have the best Monday! 

Love Cody xx

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting ready for outreach....

Hi y'all! :)

I feel like it's still week 1 of the AES, but I'm heading into week 7 come Monday!!! Crazy! I have no clue where the time goes....anyhow, enough of that - please check out my plans for the very near future! :) 

      In between class field trips to practise newly-learned mediums, our school's had amazing and experienced artist missionaries & YWAM leaders come and teach on Unity, Nature and Character of God, Leadership of the Holy Spirit in Design Process.
 My school's learnt how art is practical in reaching the lost; be it evangelising in Perth city or Mexico City. 

      The Art Evangelist's School has it's outreach in Jan-March 2011.
It will be 3 months worth of 6 days a week evangelising - which looks like working with and teaching Mexican churches in how to reach their own community for God; working with prostitutes and seeking God's wisdom for their lives in alternative professions, art therapy with homeless and the 'outcasts' of society. 

Art is amazing and really works - put a brush in someone's hands, and watch them open up! :)

To give you a background to why I'm going to Mexico for outreach ....

YWAM Perth's been sending missionary teams of many talents and abilities to Mexico City to partner with local churches in reaching the huge city for the past 9 months. We've seen unprecedented city-wide unity and evangelism resulting in over 7500 salvations and many miracles of healing and deliverance.

Cool, huh! :)

    So my school's quarter will be part of the last 'wave' of YWAM teams being sent to Mexico City. We'll be working in a yet-to-be-decided region of the city to serve existing ministries and churches, as well as teaching and encouraging Mexican Christians to bring Jesus in practical ways to their community. 

What this look like?
       The AES will set up canvases in the city (some huge, some easel-sized) and paint culturally relevant art pieces, hardcore evangelism, open air evangelism, art work on canvases in the city centre to open Biblical truths, free portraits in slum communities, art in Mexican churches to demonstrate God's power through creativity, & chalking on pavements. 

     Once we have completed the outreach phase in Mexico City's completed, our team's flying back to Perth, where we hop on a YWAM bus with our artsy equipment, and drive the 8+ hours to Esperance for an undetermined time to work with Christian Aboriginals to minister to the indigenous. 
Then it's off to Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie for the same - work with indigenous believers to practically bring gospel truths.

Studies have shown Aboriginal children excel in the arts and sports; so we're trusting God for great results in touching the hearts of the kids there, where there's glue-sniffing youth and violence, drug & alcohol abuse.

Jesus gave the command for us to "GO" to the nations and display His gospel by His grace. 
I'd like to give you the opportunity to 'go' and be participate in the Great Commission through me, through investing prayerfully and financially in this trip. This 11 week outreach will cost each student approx. $4,900 which includes food & transportation. 

My commitment is to follow God's leading in this outreach to the best of my abiility, and to keep you informed regularly (as communications permit) of how your investment is impacting God's Kingdom in Mexico City and outback Australia. 

I'd like to say "thank you" for prayerfully considering to partner with me on AES outreach. 
If you feel to contribute, could you please let me know the amount and when you will be able to give? This way I can see what I am still trusting God for. 

The outreach fees are due in full by December 8th, 2010.

There are several ways that you can contribute;

1. Most importantly our team needs prayer for covering, health and protection in Mexico City, as some areas are quite dangerous and there's numerous strongholds in the city, due to her violent and pagan history. 

2. If you'd like to send a cheque, please make it to 'Cody Taylor' & mail it to:
150 Claisebrook Rd, Perth, W.A., 6000, AUST.

3. Transfer into my PayPal account; 

4. Youth With A Mission Perth's website;

'' and go to credit card payments. 
Please ensure you send an email with my name, the amount you send, and what it is for: "AES outreach fees".

If you would like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you! :)
Email me at

Also check out my blog for further updates and testimonies:

Thank you for considering me! :)
God bless!

For His name,

Cody xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Humanism vs God.

 So I haven't written a whole great deal since I started this school; partly coz the last few weeks have been practical work and no real lectures (though God's teaching us new things about Him every day!) like sketching, oil painting, and this week watercolours. 
But also since I've been incredibly slack with my communication.  For which I apologise. :o/

But I really wanna share what God's been doing...

Last night in our classroom, we listened to an audio message by this old (but firey for God!) preacher dude called 'Paris Reidhead'. 
He talked about Humanism and what effect it has on Christians.... To be honest, I wasn't listening too hard; I was really tired and Paris's monotone voice didn't help to wake me up. 
But my mind was still processing. And somethings that Paris said subtlely pricked at my conscience and made me squirm internally. The Holy Spirit was working in all of us, comforting, convicting and revealing hidden sins that had been keeping us from closer communion with Him.
 After the hour-long message, our class spoke out to God what He was stirring in their hearts and we asked forgiveness for whatever sins God brought up. 

It was an incredibly impacting msg, and I wanna share some parts of it with you....

"The liberal end says the end of religion is to make man happy while he's alive, and the fundamentalist says the end of religion is to make man happy when he dies. 

Humanism is so subtle is goes everywhere. What is it? That this philosophical postulate is that the end of all being is the happiness of man, and has been covered over with evangelical terms and Biblical doctrine until God reigns in heaven for the happiness of man, all the angels exist for the happiness of man...Jesus Christ was incarnate for the happiness of man, and everything exists for the happiness of mankind. Didn't God intend for mankind to be happy? Yes. But as a by-product, not a prime-product! 

Christianity says, "the end of all being is the glory of God." Humanism says, "The end of all being is the happiness of man". 
...You're trying to serve God because He'll do you good! But a repentant heart is a heart that's seen something of the enormity of the crime of 'playing God' and denying the just and righteous God the worship and obedience that He deserves! 

Why should a sinner repent? 
Not so he'll go to heaven. If the only reason he repents is so that he or she'll go to heaven, it's nothing but trying to make a deal or bargain with God. 
Why should  a sinner give up all his or her sins? Why should they be challenged to do it? Why should they make restitution when they're coming to Christ? Because God deserves the obedience that He demands!
It's not what you're going to get out of God, it's what He's going to get out of you!"

Yes, it's heavy going - but absolute truth. God's been challenging me to get rid of false views about His Fatherhood in my life. I still struggle a lot in areas of trusting in His Daddy loving-kindness because of my life experiences. But He's determined to draw me in closer to Him and show how much He loves me....even if I did nothing special in life. 

Thanks for reading, 

Love Cody